I am Kate Silveness and live in Somerset, England.
I am a trained Acupuncturist & Nutritionist but have had many careers in my life. Now I am just a simple Gardener....my link is HERE 

I have written and self-published books and painted furniture and clothes...I like being creative and active. I walk my talk and live life to the maximum.

My videos show you an aspect...my work another...we are so much more than some lines on a page. 
I work with both light and dark themes as I see that without one the other is not in balance. Sometimes I am not comfortable with myself, so don't be surprised if you are not either. 
I love the rich vitality of the light and being alive, but need the all encompassing darkness to grow and nourish my spirit and being.

I am not afraid of much now... this is my life and I will live it on my terms. 
Many thanks for being interested. :)

My Story


A new dance and flavour…. I reinvent myself again…lol

Have you ever danced with the threads of your reality? Maybe I will show you how.. or maybe I will just dance the weave and leave you to follow the marks in the sand…lol

Always look between the words and the meaning for this is my dance and it is on many levels of communication.

I am getting more uncaring if you cannot keep up….but always ask if you dare.

The dance is not over but has shifted its beat and tempo.

A new energy has entered the beat and it may stumble a bit as it adjusts to the new rhythm and flow of a much more subtle dance.

This weave goes deeper and darker… here take a thread, you may need it to find your way home..


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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