I See You

by Kate Gallwey

I see you, can you not see me?


It hard to understand why not there is so much information on display.


Salesmen and women can read much of our body language, that part is a skill that can be learned. But when I do a reading on the telephone people are paying by the minute and there is no body language to watch. I have to make a connection fast and accurately. I challenge any top salespeople in the world to do the same.


I think it is a skill learned but others call it a gift they were born with. Either way some are drawn to it most are not. We all have intuition, it can be taught if there is focus in that area.

It fascinates me.


I used read Tarot & Crystal Ball for a living. Both face to face readings at markets and festivals, a professional psychic booth at a tourist waterfront and on a international video and telephone psychic chat lines. This is me automatically into the weird new age, probably con artist, shifty gypsy, probably into unclean, unscientific stuff. I see that too. I can not speak for others that do this for a living but I will speak out for myself.


I want to show you my world and the way I think and feel about the industry I am in. I also will show you how I do what I do.


I am not a con artist, if people didn't want my readings I would probably quite happily stick with painting, writing and gardening. I do have to work for a living but the tarot reading barely brings in minimum wage, so I am never going to be rich doing it. I kind of burnt out doing the online telephone readings a few years ago and only really do face to face readings now.


I have been reading Tarot for over 15 years now and still remember the first paid reading at a market. I was very nervous and he was very nice. He told me I was good and I should charge more. I probably needed the self esteem boost.


The journey into a strangers soul shouldn't be easy or marketable but this society tries to makes it so. It cheapens the experience to entertainment, when someone is suicidal and hurting so badly with no one else in their life to hold and cry on but a stranger on the end of a paid chat line, I hope someone is being entertained, I am not.


I hurt deeply and feel my own lack of support after calls like those and I am somewhat experienced in this. Being paid so little to peel back the layers of someone's pain and hopefully make a difference to them in their darkest hours is a calling that I never expected to hear.


It comes down to 'being of service'. I feel I have a duty to help if asked. When you call me and pour out your troubles I have a duty to listen and respond. Some people cannot be reached and I acknowledge my failures. A professional today is meant to leave his work at work and not worry about those that he left behind, it is part of the job, nothing to get emotional about.


It annoys me but I care. I guess I will one day be a professional machine that doesn't feel the flowing pain and confusion, hurt and rejection from each call but not today.

People are beautiful. They are intricate and deep, a rich tapestry of deep depths and glorious heights. Each part of your history is inscribed in the woven field of bright bright light around each body. Every one so unique and so compact that I could watch people all day.


There was a time during my life I did just that. Now I get a little sad as people fail to see themselves that way. So much wasted potential. We really are different from animals on the energetic levels, the mental and emotional layers are so far above our closest ancestor, the monkey. They are smart little creatures but they cannot experience the range of frequency that we do. Animals do not interest me, cats and dogs are nice enough, I suppose. But humans sparkle in rainbows and jewels. Even our pain makes us more interesting. It deepened us and draws in what is important and discards what must be left behind.


I am not a religious person but I could never be an atheist, whether we create ourselves or there is a Creator? We are not accidents of nature, there is reason and purpose to every eyelash and fingerprint.

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