Self Publishing Rules!

I do not like the publishing industry so I publish my OWN books.... and I am damn good at it!!

Books Created by Kate Gallwey


Autobiography of a Goddess -
Part One Lillith,

Part Two Lucien

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Lillith - A Novel

A journey through a hidden history of our world. Erotic and violent novel of war and passion.

"There is a union of sorts formed with a good torturer, and these were the best of pain inflictors. They had turned it into an art form. Aeons and aeons, time immeasurable these beings have been inflicting pain, I can’t even begin to imagine the things they have learnt, I do not want to!


Our Creators knew the tolerance levels of each nerve in my body and they enjoyed our pain or just never felt it. I felt the acid being spread over my flesh and smelt the burning, I felt the small but many cuts with different blade shapes and thicknesses enter my body.They opened my flesh, first the skin layers, then the muscle and then to bone and often out the other side. The pain that can be inflicted with fire is off the scale. The smell of my own flesh being roasted off my cheek will be neither something I will never forget the smell or feel of acid in my eyes. I grit my teeth during the burning and the freezing of the open wounds, but the acid that ate my mouth and lower jaw away was excruciating."......

"The chemistry between us was so hot and strong and I felt a rush of fear and longing at the same time. Never before had I felt fear of a human. At this thought I looked at him and pushed him away, and he tried to stop me but I was still physically stronger. "I had been shaken by this boy/mans kiss. I, the Goddess of Love, who had centuries of males falling over themselves to climb into my bed. I could still taste him and that made me annoyed and aroused at the same time.  Couldn’t I just kill him and make this all go away?"


Introduction To The
Hidden Worlds

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A brief introduction into the world that is all around you, that science is just beginning to photograph and study.

Energy is the life-force that surrounds us all. Do you want to see it the way, I and many others do?

Young people have a  lot of life-force available, but they do not know how to channel it properly. Their answer is usually to burn off the excess in the fastest way possible by using drugs,

alcohol, sex, cigarettes, sugar or many other stimulants - including chocolate :(These methods of stimulation initially give the user ten or twenty times the energy, but draw out all the energy from wherever it is available, namely the organs, glands and brain. Afterwards the user is feeling flat and listless with more stimulants being needed to return to the same high - it is no wonder that by the time we are thirty we are feeling tired and 'burnt out' with no energy to go on.

A small awakening is needed, it will not hurt. Just walk a few steps alone this path and a whole new world will open up.

This is the introduction...I dare you to go further.


Being A Psychic Vampire

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I am a psychic vampire. There are a few out there, not as many as you may think, but all of us is an energy leach sometime in their life.

Now according to traditional books on these subjects, I have to define to you what I mean by the term 'psychic', 'vampire' and 'energy leach', which is boring. But if I must, I suppose I shall.

All living creatures emit energy. A human emits a very complex range of energies. A psychic uses energy of the mind, body and emotion to 'read' people and situations. A psychic vampire feeds off this energy, so does an energy leech. But the latter is a temporary situation, the other is born with the need for energy, or they get sick.

Simple enough? Probably too simple. I am going to complicate things a little now.

Everyone of us has needed attention and energy at sometime in our lives. It is not a bad thing unless it become an addiction or there is an inbuilt trait of lack and need. This is where the lines get blurry.

My question was, what is the difference between an energy leach and an unawakened psychic
vampire, and the answer is, not much. A desperate energy leach can get enough and move on, a psychic vampire has a larger problem, was the initial answer.

A Journey into the very strange waters of vampires, that do not sparkle and the growing global community.